A true treasure of the hive, royal jelly is the only food of queen bees. Rich in nutrients, it has numerous benefits for supporting our body, but also for taking care of the skin. Discover all its properties!

What is royal jelly?

A substance produced by worker bees, royal jelly is also called “bee milk” because it is the only food of larvae after their birth and during their first days of growth. Royal jelly also has this name because it is the only food of the queen bee! While worker bees only live for a few weeks, the queen lives for several years.

Essential for proper development of the hive, royal jelly has been discussed for many years, and is a superfood, just like propolis or pollen due to its richness in nutrients and valuable nature.

History of royal jelly

Royal jelly has been used for several centuries, notably in Chinese medicine, which uses its positive properties to treat various conditions, as well as to combat both physical and mental fatigue.

It is also considered an adaptogenic ingredient just like ginseng or other plants used in phytotherapy. Consumed as a food supplement, thanks to its action, royal jelly contributes to maintaining the balance of the body and helping the body’s reaction in case of problems.

Characteristics of royal jelly

Royal jelly has a liquid texture and milky appearance. Similar to honey, royal jelly has a tangier and less sugary taste, and is even a little spicy! When you wish to take a royal jelly treatment, it can be found in different forms, e.g. fresh or lyophilised, in jars or in vials for mixing with fruit juices.

The properties of royal jelly are due to its composition which is very rich in nutrients. Notably, it contains amino acids, vitamins such as vitamin B and vitamin PP, minerals and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus and even manganese. Royal jelly is mainly made up of water, proteins, sugars and fat, which makes it a very complete food for bees.

Benefits and properties of royal jelly

As with all hive products, royal jelly has numerous benefits when taken as a treatment, repeated as needed.

Rich in nutrients, it acts to support the body during periods when it is more exposed to external aggression and imbalances. It is therefore mainly recommended in the winter period, as well as during changes of season to contribute to maintaining energy and vitality and the normal function of the immune system.

Royal jelly can also be found as a cosmetic! Rich in antioxidants, it helps combat the formation of free radicals responsible for ageing of the skin. For this reason, we use it in our anti-ageing care products, for example.

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