Oral care

Ensure your oral and dental hygiene each day with Propolia treatments! Natural alternatives to conventional products, our products offer you a complete routine to guarantee a clean, healthy moth each day, while minimising potential discomfort. Fluoride-free, produced with natural and active ingredients renowned for their cleansing and purifying properties, such as clove and peppermint, our oral-dental products are suitable for the whole family and adapt to your needs.


Propolia oral-dental care products with honey and propolis

To create our range of natural oral-dental care products, we have integrated our key ingredients – honey and propolis – into our formulations.

Propolis has an antiseptic action and local anaesthetic effect useful for contributing to cleaning the mouth and alleviating discomfort in case of mild problems. Integrated in products such as our chewing gums, propolis also helps to combat the formation of dental plaque and reduce bad breath.

Propolis is also combined with honey in our SOS oral care: soothing, it contributes to keeping your gums in good health. With a combination of honey, propolis, clove and cinnamon, this SOS oral care is applied on the gums very easily thanks to the pipette and helps you to naturally maintain your teeth.


Propolis toothpaste and freshening mouthwash

To guarantee a healthy mouth after each meal, use our propolis toothpaste, combined with our organic propolis and mint mouthwash. A combination of hive products and purifying and brightening natural active ingredients such as cardamom, kaolin and even mint, these two products offer lasting cleaning and protection for your mouth against bacteria and dental plaque.


Chewing gums with propolis

Because while travelling or during everyday activities it is sometimes difficult to brush 3 times per day as recommended, we have designed two chewing gums with propolis to take with you everywhere! In mint or cinnamon flavour, our natural sugar-free and gluten-free chewing gums combine propolis and xylitol to contribute to neutralising dental plaque acids and maintaining the mineralisation of teeth.

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