Purifying cosmetics

Pollution, stress, an unbalanced diet, and even the use of cosmetics which are too rich or too aggressive have an impact on the quality of our skin and the production of sebum.

Mixed to oily skin or skin prone to imperfections needs a daily treatment routine using moisturising active ingredients and above all purifying ingredients to close the pores of the skin and rebalance it.

Making your skin healthy must therefore become an everyday instinct, in the same way as removing makeup. For skin which is mixed, oily, or which has imperfections, Propolia suggests a complete routine based on natural active and organic certified ingredients to thoroughly cleanse and purify your skin.


Propolia organic moisturising facial care with honey, royal jelly and propolis.

As with all our other ranges of natural cosmetic skin care treatments, our purifying skincare products are made of beehive products selected for their antibacterial, strengthening and moisturising properties.

For a more effective synergy, we have combined numerous other natural active ingredients such as aloe vera and clay, with purifying properties. To be used every day or for a thorough weekly treatment, our range is made up of 6 products to eliminate impurities and renew the skin.


Face washing foam

For your cleaning stage, discover our purifying facial washing foam: winner of the best organic product of 2020, it is made of aloe vera, propolis and green tea to detoxify, strengthen and moisturise your skin throughout the day. Enriched with peppermint water, you will also appreciate its fresh perfume for starting the day right.


Tonic lotion

After cleaning or removing makeup, the tonic lotion suitable for all types of skin eliminates impurities and ensures a fresh, clean complexion ready to receive the following treatments. The combination of floral water, honey and apricot extract softens and revitalises the skin naturally while protecting your skin from redness. It can also be used by men as an aftershave product!


Exfoliation and purifying face mask

For your weekend cocooning treatment, choose exfoliation and the purifying face mask to clean and thoroughly detoxify the skin.

Made with aloe vera, apricot, propolis and glycerine, our organic facial mask gently eliminates dead cells and is soft to the skin.

Once your face has dried, apply the mask: combination of propolis, honey and kaolin, it provides lasting cleansing and softness for your skin while leaving it reinvigorated and purified.

Has a spot appeared on your nose? Our SOS imperfections roll-on acts quickly and effectively to quickly dry imperfections.

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