Organic certified formulas

The future of our ecosystems and of bees is a daily concern for us. We firmly believe that, by encouraging the development of more wholesome farming methods, we can gradually create ecosystems which are, in particular, more conducive to the development of apiculture in France and Europe.

As a result, we have been committed for many years now to sourcing as many organic raw materials as possible, that meet our quality criteria.

This means our range continues to evolve towards more and more certified organic formulas, without compromising on the bounteous properties of their ingredients or on the delicacy of their textures and fragrances.

As a guarantee of our commitment, all our organic products are certified and inspected by Ecocert, the reference for organic product certification in France.

Best Organic Products

As part of our strategy of promoting our commitment to going organic, we have been submitting some of our new products each year since 2014 for the approval of consumers of organic products thanks to the Meilleur Produit Bio (“Best Organic Product”) distinction created by the team at Biotopia (formerly Bio à la Une).

14 Propolia® beauty, wellness and hygiene products have already been recognized. These honours have reinforced our aim of moving forward on the road to going organic and have made our teams proud to make the most of the treasures of beehives, each and every day!

  • Best organic products 2023 : Body scrub
  • Best organic products 2022 : S.O.S. Imperfections roll-on
  • Best organic products 2021 : Soothing oral spray and Hair mask
  • Best organic products 2020 : Propolis tincture, Toning lotion and Cleansing foam
  • Best organic products 2019 : Mouthwash and Fondant  massage balm oriental
  • Best organic products 2018 : Royal jelly vials, Gentle shower gel and Hair conditioner
  • Best organic products 2017 : Eye-contour et Gel for lighter feeling legs
  • Best organic product 2016 : Face scrub
  • Best organic product 2015 : Gentle shampoo