Circulation & joints

Each day, your body is subjected to different types of external pressures which may have negative effects on your articular wellbeing, but also on your circulation.

To help you regain your everyday comfort, we have imagined and designed food supplements and treatments in different forms, formulated from natural and organic ingredients selected for their benefits.

Taken as a course treatment for a few weeks or months depending on the product, they contribute to promoting your mobility and helping you regain a pleasant sensation of lightness, in association with a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

Offered in the form of capsules, gel, or even tablets, our Propolia treatments and food supplements for circulation and joints adapt to your needs, whatever your age or physical condition.

Joint capsules

Discover our joint capsules: combination of harpagophytum, chondroitin, propolis extract and rosehip, which will help you keep fit each day.

Also a source of vitamin C, our joint-fit capsules contribute to the normal formation of collagen to ensure the wellbeing of your bones.


Circulatory complex and light leg gel

To regain a pleasant sensation of lightness, especially in the Summer, we have designed a food supplement in the form of tablets, to be combined with our gel for lighter feeling legs. The combination of propolis, red vine and blackcurrant, our circulatory complex promotes your wellbeing and helps you regain comfort day after day in a natural way.

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