Skin cares

During their life, your dog or cat may be exposed to mild skin conditions such as irritation, itching, redness or even small cuts on the skin or footpads. Certain periods such as the summer with high temperatures, and spring are particularly risky, and your animal will need more attention to ensure their wellbeing.

To ease discomfort in case of problems, we have designed a range of skincare treatments for both cats and dogs. Their formulas are rich in beehive products and natural ingredients and they are Ecocert certified.

Ecocert certified Propolia skincare treatments for dogs and cats

Is your companion’s skin irritated, reddened or peeling? Are there small sores on your dog’s footpads after a long walk? Whatever the cause, you can help them regain wellbeing and comfort with our Propolia skin treatments for animals.

Formulated with softening, moisturising, healing honey and propolis with antibacterial and antifungal properties, our products respond to numerous everyday needs. Of course, they do not substitute a veterinary consultation, but they act as a support for helping our animal feel better.


Skin and footpad balm

To take care of the paws of our companions, discover Propolia skin and pads balm.

Formulated with propolis, shea butter and honey, it soothes and repairs the skin. Ideal after a long walk to soothe potential heating up and to regenerate footpads!


Purifying skin spray

Concentrated in propolis and honey, the Propolia purifying skincare spray forms a 100% natural protective film on your dog or cat’s irritated skin.

This treatment is applied by cleaning the area, then spraying and leaving it to dry. For greater comfort and protection, you can then apply the skin treatment powder.


Skin treatment powder

Easy to apply on the skin, skin care powder comforts your animal thanks to its gentleness. Rick in soothing propolis and restorative horsetail, this treatment quickly and naturally soothes itching or redness.

100% natural, it can be used in combination with our purifying skincare spray.

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