Body hygiene

Honey and propolis – these two hive products have undeniable properties to help you feel better in your body. But did you know that these two natural treasures can also take care of your skin?

Antiseptic, antibacterial and even moisturising, their properties for the skin have been renowned and used for thousands of years. Whatever your skin type, our natural body hygiene products with beehive materials gently clean your skin while providing pleasure and sensory enjoyment.


Propolia body hygiene products

Made in France, our body hygiene products are formulated from natural ingredients, taken from organic agriculture. Offered in the form of soap, shower gel, or even liquid soap, they accompany you throughout the day, gently but thoroughly cleaning your skin.


Organic cleaning care products with honey

Softening and regenerating, honey is one of the most popular natural ingredients for regaining beautiful, supple and moisture skin! We have integrated it in our organic gentle shower gel, which is hypoallergenic and free of aggressive surfactants, for taking care of sensitive skin. Combined with almond milk and aloe vera, it leaves your skin free of impurities and with a 100% natural gourmet scent after rinsing.

You can also find our active soap with honey and propolis, ideal for problem skin!


Organic cleaning care products with propolis

Purifying, soothing and protective, discover our organic cleaning products with propolis: combined with mandarin and chamomile in our organic active shower gel, it gently but thoroughly cleans the whole family’s skin thanks to its mild, balanced pH.

Formulated to respond to the needs of all women, our gentle intimate gel with propolis contains purifying tea tree, and soothing, refreshing lemon balm, to naturally contribute to your balance day after day.

You can also discover our purifying liquid soap, ideal for your everyday hands cleaning.

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