Digestion & Serenity

Stress, lack of sleep and digestive problems are often among our concerns. To help you naturally regain serenity, we have designed products with propolis combined with other natural active ingredients renowned for their relaxing and soothing properties. In the form of tea, tablets or even syrup, they will be your allies in contributing to your everyday wellbeing.


Propolis for regaining serenity and contributing to digestive wellbeing

Rich in flavonoids, propolis has numerous properties: it is antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant, contributing with other beehive products to ensuring the good health of the bees’ habitat. Taken as a food supplement, it naturally helps facilitate digestion, whether alone or in combination with other active ingredients.

To allow you to enjoy its benefits, propolis is also part of the composition of our products for relaxation such as our evening herbal tea for encouraging restorative sleep.

Evening syrup and tea

To be taken before going to bed or during the day for a relaxing break, the evening syrup and herbal tea naturally contribute to relaxation and help you to more easily fall asleep.

100% natural, our evening syrup contains propolis, honey, poppy and thyme for a complete synergy which favours respiratory comfort. Our evening herbal tea is formulated with propolis, linden, orange blossom and marshmallow for a light, sweet, comforting drink to be savoured without moderation!

After meal herbal tea

Rich meal? Naturally facilitate your digestion with the after meal herbal tea: a combination of propolis, green anise, lemon verbena and fennel. This synergy of 100% natural and organic certified plants will help you to regain a pleasant sensation of lightness.

P.A.P.A. capsules

To contribute to your intestinal wellbeing when having trouble, we have designed a natural, gluten-free food supplement, made in France, combining the benefits of propolis and polyfloral pollen.

We have also added clay and a complex of seaweed to our P.A.P.A. capsules for your everyday wellbeing, to be taken as a course of treatment for one month, extendible depending on your needs.

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