Moisturising cosmetics

Constantly exposed to external aggressions which lead to discomfort or dehydration, your skin needs everyday care to protect it and to keep the hydrolipidic film present on its surface intact.

In terms of moisturising treatments, many solutions exist depending on your skin type. Richer in nourishing active ingredients, night creams are the ideal care for deep regeneration of cells and intense moisturising of the skin. Day creams and serums have the function of protecting the skin on a daily basis and contribute a boost of moisturisation in case of signs of dehydration or tightness.


Propolia moisturising facial skincare treatments with honey, royal jelly and propolis


To keep your skin well hydrated throughout the day, our Propolia moisturising facial care products are made of honey, royal jelly and propolis. Propolis has moisturising and soothing properties and is also recommended for its healing and antioxidant properties. Honey has softening and soothing properties, it is one of the ingredients from our moisturising creams for dry skin.

Synthesised based on pollen, royal jelly contains numerous nutrients to contribute to the beauty of all types of skin and helps to slow the signs of ageing.


Moisturising serum

Offer your skin a true bath of softness and protection with our organic hydrating serum. Its delicate and fluid texture instantly melts into your skin to intensely hydrate it and protect it from external aggressions. Day after day, your skin is soothed, softer and more comfortable.


Moisturising creams for dry skin

Does your skin dehydrate easily with redness appearing and losing radiance? Give it softness and care with our moisturising creams for dry skin. Offering day cream and night cream, our range of moisturising creams for dry skins is certified organic and only contains natural active ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter and primrose oil to naturally care for your skin.


Moisturising creams for normal skin

Ensure your daily skin moisturisation and protection thanks to our range of moisturising creams for normal skin. You are going to love the floral scent of our treatments and their light, fluid texture. With a combination of active ingredients from plants and beehive products such as propolis and beeswax, our range for dry skin offers a day cream and night cream to respect the natural cycle of the skin regeneration. 

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