Propolis gums

Do you wish to enjoy the benefits of propolis wherever you are? Discover our propolis gums! To be taken everywhere with you, they allow you to take a gourmet-style break which is good for your wellbeing.

Defending the hive, propolis contributes to protecting it from viruses and bacteria.

Consumed in the form of pastilles, it is associated with other benefits and natural ingredients for a something different which adapts to all tastes!


Our organic propolis gums

To take with you every day, we have created a range of propolis gums, combining different ingredients to offer you additional properties and to precisely respond to your needs.

Discover our different flavours: organic propolis and aniseed gums to naturally freshen your breath, eucalyptus propolis gums for your breathing comfort, and even orange propolis gums or fruit flavoured for a health-oriented break – all tastes are covered!

You can also find our organic honey propolis gums, a must-try which allow you to enjoy the purifying properties of propolis and soothing properties of honey at once.

A great food supplement, 5 or 6 of our propolis gums are consumed per day to accompany you during your daily activities and contribute to your wellbeing.

Made in France, our propolis gums contain all-natural ingredients, and are consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. Discover them now!

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