Anti-ageing cosmetics

From the age of 30, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and suppleness. Over time the production of collagen is reduced and the signs of skin ageing appear. Drier and with less colour, the skin becomes more exposed to external aggression and wrinkles and fine lines form. Although this phenomenon is totally natural, it may be accelerated by exposure to UV rays, pollution or even stress. To take care of your skin and protect it from ageing, we have designed a range of cosmetics with hive products, rich in antioxidants to protect and maintain its natural radiance.


Propolia organic anti-ageing skincare

Protecting your skin from the signs of ageing firstly depends on taking care of yourself but also of your skin! With the first signs such as the appearance of fine expression lines, adopt a beauty routine made up of natural products containing active ingredients and anti-ageing ingredients with targeted properties.

Formulated with royal jelly and natural ingredients such as beech bud and lily, our range of organic anti-ageing care products strengthen your skin, contribute to protecting it from ageing and limit the appearance of dark spots.


Organic anti-ageing eye contour roll-on

The first area exposed to fine lines (the famous crow’s feet), the already fragile eye contour develops even more over time. To help you to enhance your eyes and revitalise this area, we have designed our anti-ageing eye contour roll-on. Formulated with cornflower water, beech bud and royal jelly, it soothes, refreshes and revitalises while smoothening the skin. Day after day, the eyes are less fatigued and wrinkles and fine lines are minimised.


Reinvigorating anti-ageing serum

To protect your skin from external aggression and effectively replump the skin, discover Propolia reinvigorating anti-ageing serum: certified organic, it combines the antioxidant properties of royal jelly and anti-ageing properties of hyaluronic acid to strengthen the skin and intensely moisturise it. The inclusion of lily also prevents the appearance of dark spots.

You will appreciate its fluid texture which quickly penetrates the skin, and its practical and hygienic use in airless bottles.


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