Vitality & Immunity

Changes of season, stress, an unbalanced diet and a sedentary lifestyle weaken your body and reduce your natural defences while causing a sensation of fatigue which alters your level of wellbeing and morale.

To help you naturally regain energy and vitality, we have designed a range of food supplements with propolis and royal jelly, two hive products with beneficial properties for your health and wellbeing. Offered in the form of tablets, phials and even jars, they adapt to your preferences and help you to maintain your body throughout the year.


Propolis, the food that gives you energy

Essential for guaranteeing the good health of the hive and protecting it from bacteria and viruses propolis is a natural asset full of vitamins and minerals.

We invite you to discover the benefits of honey, guarana and pollen in our Tonic Potion food supplement: to be taken as an occasional treatment in case of temporary fatigue, it contains a synergy of energising active ingredients to contribute to revitalising your body and helping you to regain your vitality.

You will also find propolis in our double action tablets which combine propolis with acerola, rich in vitamin C. This effectively contributes to reducing fatigue and maintaining the normal function of the immune system.


Royal jelly to boost your immune system

Elixir of the hive and exclusive food of queen bees, royal jelly also contains a composition rich in active ingredients for supporting the body in periods of fatigue or lack of energy. To allow you to enjoy the benefits of royal jelly, we offer our Vital Energy food supplement: to be taken as a morning treatment for a month and a half, it contains a combination of royal jelly, propolis and ginseng to contribute to maintaining energy throughout the day.

Made in France, our energy and vitality food supplements with propolis and royal jelly are combined with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet to ensure your everyday wellbeing!

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