At a time when propolis, honey and royal jelly have become real selling points for many brands, we are always and continuously looking for new ways to place all of their potential at your disposal.

As the French specialist in propolis, we have always strived to offer you the best natural active ingredients, and we put all our expertise in bee products to work in the service of your well-being!

Our commitment has not changed since we were founded in 1979, and our R&D team and partners toil away daily to elevate the fruits of the bees’ labour, forever blending the beneficial properties of plant products with the treasures of beehives.

To ensure optimal, consistent quality:

  • We carefully select and inspect raw materials according to very strict specifications des charges très stricts
  • We control every stage in our products’ formulation, production and packaging.

Because we are beekeepers ourselves, with a real passion for the work of bees and absolutely convinced of the extraordinary virtues of their products, we have always been committed to supporting and developing apiculture in France.

We are partners of French beekeepers and, alongside UNAF (French National Beekeeping Union), have pledged to assist them with all their efforts to protect bees and the beekeeping industry.

We develop formulas with strong concentrations of natural ingredients, selected to ensure a high level of effectiveness.

All our products contain:

  • At least one of the five gems of beehives – propolis, honey, pollen, royal jelly and beeswax
  • Plant-based ingredients chosen for their quality and their effects when combined with the other components of the formula.