Throat & Breathing

Temperature drops or changes which are too fast, pollution and even viruses may affect your respiratory wellbeing each day, and lead to problems such as sore throats or congestion of the airways.

To help you naturally regain comfort, we have designed a series of 100% natural food supplements and products, created from beehive products such as honey and propolis. Enriched with other active ingredients such as eucalyptus and thyme, renowned for their beneficial action in the airways, they will help you day after day to ensure your oral hygiene and contribute to your wellbeing.

Propolis pastilles

Ideal for carrying during travel or on trips, our propolis pastilles are a simple and pleasant solution for enjoying the purifying and soothing benefits of propolis.

To adapt to the tastes and preferences of the whole family, our organic propolis pastilles are offered in different flavours: gourmet, fruity and refreshing, they offer a break for wellbeing to savour throughout the day. Don’t hesitate to try something different!


Oral spray with propolis

Particularly recommended during the winter period, discover our organic soothing oral spray: made with propolis, honey and eucalyptus and thyme essential oils, they help you to naturally regain breathing comfort and quickly sooth your throat.

Propolis, with cleansing and protecting properties, is combined with the soothing properties of honey. The inclusion of organic essential oils completes the 100% natural formula of our spray for the throat, and reinforces its purifying and refreshing benefits.


Nasal spray with propolis

Constantly exposed to the cold, dust and atmospheric residues, your nose is assaulted day after day and must be cleaned regularly to allow optimal breathing.

To help you ensure your respiratory comfort, regardless of the conditions outdoors, and to contribute to decongesting your airways, we have designed our purifying nasal spray. Presented in the form of a pump bottle, it contains a combination of propolis, honey and organic rosemary and thyme essential oils to promote your wellbeing and cleanse the airways. Made in France, the propolis purifying nasal spray can be used from 3 years of age.

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