Hair care

Just as beehive products have numerous benefits for taking care of all types of skin, they are also very useful for contributing to the beauty of your hair.

Gentle, moisturising, nourishing and protective, they are full of properties and contain numerous nutrients for protecting and beautifying the hair fibre through the seasons.

Formulated with honey, propolis and even pollen, our hair care products with an ultra gentle composition contain a synergy of natural active ingredients rigorously selected in order to adapt to the needs of the whole family and gently take care of the scalp.


Our organic hair care products with honey

Softening, moisturising, regenerating and cleansing, honey is the ideal natural active ingredient to use in hair care for dry and lifeless hair.

In our organic gentle shampoo we have combined orange blossom and bamboo marrow to nourish, revitalise and give your hair more volume. You are going to love its gourmet scent of honey and coconut. For even more softness and moisturising, you can combine it with our organic hair conditioner: enriched with honey, argan oil and hydrolysed wheat proteins, it naturally facilitates untangling and leaves your hair supple and shiny.


Our natural, organic hair care products with propolis

Cleansing, protecting and soothing, propolis is particularly recommended for taking care of sensitive or irritated scalps.

It is also valued for oily hair due to contributing to rebalance the production of sebum and limiting the appearance of itching. To reinforce its properties, we have incorporated it in our treatment shampoo with juniper and clay, renowned for their cleansing properties. For a more intense treatment, discover our organic hair mask with propolis enriched with avocado oil and shea butter to both cleanse your scalp and nourish lengths and tips.

All our hair care products with honey and propolis are certified organic and available in family format to naturally care for the hair of both adults and children!

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