Like us, our four-legged friends need regular hygiene care to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and to contribute to their everyday wellbeing and comfort.

Constantly exposed to the outdoor environment, our dogs and cats need special attention, especially regarding their fur and ears.

To complement brushing and regular veterinary check-ups, we have designed a range of hygiene care treatments for animals with beehive products, which are natural and adapted to all breeds of dogs and cats.


Propolia hygiene care treatments for dogs and cats

Formulated with healing, cleansing honey and propolis with antifungal and antibacterial properties, our range of animal hygiene care treatments contains a combination of natural active ingredients to contribute to ensuring the regular hygiene of your companion and their everyday wellbeing. To respond to their specific needs, you can also discover our range of skin care treatments for animals, which contain all the products your dog or cat needs to regain comfort in case of small wounds or irritation!


All fur shampoo

Created with a synergy of 100% natural ingredients, All-coat type shampooing for dogs and cats contains wheat proteins, propolis and honey to protect, soften and cleanse the fur and skin or your animal while facilitating brushing.

Without sulphates, it is used as a traditional shampoo applied to the wet coat of your animal before massaging to lather the product.


Ear care product for animals

Ecocert certified, Propolia ear treatment for animals is made up of propolis, calendula and tea tree to soothe and calm irritations and itching and combat the proliferation of bacteria.

Suitable for dogs and cats, this product is offered in the form of a pipette for precise dosing of the product.

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