Creams Normal skin

Soft, smooth and with few imperfections: normal skin is practically perfect and only needs a little care each day!

Like all types of skin, it is nevertheless subject to dehydration and the signs of skin ageing.

To keep your skin in good health and protect it from discomfort, we have designed a range of organic moisturising creams for normal skin, formulated with natural ingredients and hive products to help you naturally maintain its radiance and effectively protect it from external aggression.


Propolia organic moisturising creams with beeswax and royal jelly

To ensure your comfort, hydration and protection each day, our range of moisturising creams for normal skins are made up of two treatments: a day cream and a night cream to boost the natural regeneration process of the skin.

Formulated with nourishing beeswax and royal jelly with anti-ageing and strengthening properties, Propolia organic moisturising creams for normal skin are offered in 50ml format and in the form of an airless bottle for easy, pleasant application.


Organic moisturising day cream for normal skin

In the morning after cleaning the skin, apply the organic moisturising day cream. Its light and fluid texture instantly penetrates the skin and ensures optimal moisturising. You will appreciate its sweet orange blossom scent, ideal for beginning the day in comfort!


Organic moisturising night cream for normal skin

Formulated with royal jelly, jojoba oil and argan oil, the organic moisturising night cream for normal skin boosts the regeneration of your skin and helps to combat the signs of skin ageing.

For a relaxing evening beauty routine, warm a small amount of cream in your hands, before applying it to your face in an outward direction, making gentle movements to relax the skin.

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