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Is your skin tight, showing signs of dryness and redness appearing regularly? This skin discomfort may have various causes: lack of sebum, unsuitable cosmetic treatments, or even exposure to the cold or wind weakening the skin. Over time, conditions such as eczema or atopic dermatitis may also develop. To help you regain comfort and give your skin all the nutrients it needs each day, we have designed a range of organic moisturising creams for dry skin, formulated based on hive products and natural active ingredients with regenerative and softening properties.


Propolia organic moisturising creams for dry skin with beehive products

For a full treatment routine, our range of organic moisturising creams for dry skin offers a day cream, and also a night cream. Dry skin needs moisturising, but also nutrition, especially during the night to boost the natural regeneration process of the skin.

Our two organic moisturising treatments for dry skin contain a combination of beeswax and royal jelly with softening, nourishing and antioxidant properties to ensure comfort and protection of your skin throughout the day.

Like our range of moisturising creams for normal skin, our moisturising creams for dry skin are designed in 50ml airless format for easy, pleasant application.


Organic moisturising day cream for dry skin

From the time you wake up, protect your dry skin from external aggression with organic moisturising day cream! It contains aloe vera, beeswax and shea butter to soften skin and intensely nourish it.

Its fresh scent of rosemary will also help you to start the day on the right foot!


Organic moisturising night cream for dry skin

Give your skin comfort and nutrition with the organic moisturising night cream for dry skin! Its sweet, floral scent of hibiscus and its rich, smooth texture guarantee a pleasant and relaxing application.

Enriched with primrose oil, royal jelly and orange blossom, this moisturising night treatment offers your dry skin everything it needs for regeneration.

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