Fondant massage balms

To help you unwind and get rid of everyday stress, body massage is an ideal solution for relaxing both your body and spirit. Practiced regularly as self-massages or carried out by a specialist, body massages allow the elimination of mental and physical tension and promote muscle relaxation while releasing serotonin and endorphins which improve the sensation of wellbeing.

Inspired by Ayurveda, we have designed a range of organic massage balms formulated from natural ingredients and hive products to allow you to benefit from all the properties of massage at home.


Propolia organic massage balms

Allow yourself a relaxing, amazing break with our organic massage balms! These melting balms contain propolis wax and organic vegetable oils for a unique texture which transforms into oil on contact with the skin.

Delicately perfumed, they are offered in 3 versions to adapt to every desire. Each organic massage balm is 100% natural and does not contain synthetic perfume, colourings or mineral oil.

They are used as a classic body oil, warming a little balm in the palm of your hands before applying it to your body in light circular motions in tender areas.

Fruity organic massage balm

With the sweet scent of apricot, the fruity organic massage balm transports you directly into an ocean of softness. Formulated with coconut oil, babassu and apricot oil, this Tantrayana treatment leaves your skin soft and deliciously perfumed. You’re going to love it!

Oriental organic massage balm

Prepare for a getaway to the country of the thousand and one nights with the Pranayama Oriental organic massage balm! This relaxing balm contains coconut oil, babassu oil and camellia oil, which are valued and regenerative, nourishing the skin and leaving it soft and silky.

Its bewitching perfume offers you a moment of intense wellbeing, listening to your sense and your body.

Organic gourmet massage balm

Succumb to the intoxicating gourmet fragrance of our Sutrayana organic gourmet massage balm! It contains softening and nourishing coconut, babassu and hazelnut oils, leaving your skin velvety and delicately satiny.

Like our other massage balms, it is warmed for a few minutes in the palms of your hands before being applied on the skin in a gentle massage. Relaxation guaranteed!

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