Who are we?

The Propolia® story  

Propolia® has been the leading Apimab Laboratoires brand for over 30 years. Propolia was created thanks to Mr Bernard, the Chairman of Apimab, who has a passion for beekeeping. After discovering Propolis and analysing its benefits, he decided to make products using the "pearls of the beehive", particularly Propolis.


A story of passion

Propolia® is the story of a beekeeper, a simple man who loves his bees. He was convinced that the therapeutic benefits of beehive products went far beyond the wonderful taste of honey.

It's the story of a honey house that became a laboratory, continuously improving extraction and purification techniques to produce Propolis products with applications as yet unknown to the general public.

It's the story of a brand created in 1979 on the banks of Lake Salagou in Clermont-l’Hérault which has become a leader thanks to its quality products.
It's the story of a love of nature, of good things and of craftsmanship.
It's the story of a passion..


Our Bee is your strength

We are convinced that Propolis and beehive products can help us every day, in many different ways.

We built our Propolia® product line based on this belief and on the natural assets of beehive products: from food supplements to cosmetics to personal care products, our formulas combine plant ingredients and beehive products whose effectiveness is boosted by the synergies between their active ingredients.

Our relationships with our beekeeper partners are also of utmost importance to us: they guarantee quality products which are respectful of our bees and their environment…



Propolia® has used younger, friendlier graphics since 2013. They reflect our team and the little bee on all of our packaging…a fresh approach that can be seen in the nicknames of our products and in our lively colours which enable our customers to better navigate the product line: each application has its own colour code!

After this brief introduction to the Propolia® story, we would like to share the:

  • Values that guide us every day; 
  • The team behind the Propolia® product line;
  • Our commitments to protect bees and their environment