In the hexagon

Wax is probably the best-known beehive product after honey. It's also the easiest one to picture: a collection of hexagonal cells assembled to create a beehive!

Alvéoles naturelles

What is it used for?

Miel dans alvéolesWax is a pure product which bees make with the glands on their abdomen. The colony uses wax to build the honeycombs in which they store food (honey, pollen) and raise their larvae.

Bees also add it to other beehive products, especially Propolis (beehive "cement") to make it softer and more malleable.


Human uses

Gaufrage cirePeople have been using wax for thousands of years for its practical and physical properties: to make candles, to seal letters...and as "embossing" for the frames of beehives used for beekeeping!

However, its use isn't limited to beekeeping and candle-lit dinners since wax also has very interesting properties for the skin: it is emollient, prevents dehydration and creates a protective film.

These properties make it a preferred ingredient for Propolia®, for balms and skin care creams and, particularly, lip balms!