Propolis Oily solution

 Intense Propolis

An ideal, alcohol-free skin product

This solution contains no alcohol or essential oils. It combines all of the benefits of Propolis and is easy to apply to the skin. Organic olive oil helps it go on your skin and the mucous membranes of your mouth smoothly and the Propolis calms and purifies.

In keeping with the versatility of this product line, you can also use it as a mouthwash or apply it directly to your gums.

In a 30mL glass container - with dropper

• Oral & skin hygiene product •

11,80 €

Reference : SOLHUI

EAN : 3760001820683

Directions for use

Shake before use.To soothe your skin: apply the product directly on the affected area using the pipette, and gently massage in for the product to soak in. As a mouthwash: Mix with a little warm water, and use as a mouthwash or gargle.For your gums: apply the solution on your gums with the pipette and then leave the product to work.


Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Olea europeaea fruit oil*, Propolis cera, Mel, Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl benzoate, Benzyl cinnamate, Benzyl salicylate.

*Ingredients from organic farming


Key ingredients

Propolis (8.89%): Concentrated extract of propolis with purifying and soothing properties. (learn more)

Honey (5%): For its taste and soothing properties (learn more)

Olive oil: for its softening and emollient properties.



Made in France

Customers Reviews

Je recommande l'utilisation de ce produit pour toute la famille y compris pour les animaux. La solution huileuse de propolis s'est révélée prodigieuse pour notre petite chienne ! Efficace dès la toute première application. Utilisée quotidiennement, elle a permis de soigner les crevasses profondes que notre bouledogue française avait sur la truffe depuis de nombreuses années. Aucun baume ou pommade n'avait réussi à réparer sa truffe de manière durable et efficace.


Not for use by people who are allergic to beehive products, pregnant women and children under three. Keep out of the reach of young children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Can stain clothes. Store in a cool, dry place.

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