Dry Organic polyfloral Pollen

 Veiller au grain

From the flower to the plate 

Selected for its quality, the Orgainc Polyfloral Propolia® Pollen brings you day after day its natural nutrients, a well-being source contributing to your vitality and digestive system.


Strengthens vitality - Contributes to the gastrointestinal well-being


  • What it is? Harvested by bees on the pistil of a large variety of flowers, the dry pollen is harvested at the entrance of the hive by beekeepers. It is very different from the pollen consumed by the colony (called bee bread) but has, however, a significant nutritional value for the consumer. Weight for weight, it is a food whose protein content is one of the highest among vegetable sources.

200 g jar. (59.5€/Kg)

Origin: Spain

11,90 €

Reference : POLSEC

EAN : 3760001820782

Directions for use

Take one to two teaspoons of pollen every day. Can be consumed alone or mixed with some honey or compote. Can also be mixed with some fruit juice or sprinkled on a salad for some variation.


Ingrédients : 100% Pollen polyfloral sec*.

*Ingrédients issus de l’Agriculture Biologique 



Agriculture Biologique
Bio Européen


Not recommended for people with allergies to bee products. Store in a dry place, away from heat and light.

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