Fir honey 125g

 Délicat essaim®

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"Mélologie" of Fir honey


A sweet and round taste to begin, this honey reveals notes of fresh fruit, whose fine woody flavour is combined with the natural aromas of a dulce de leche...


A syrupy appearance for this honey with very slow crystallisation.  


France - Honey harvested by an independent beekeeper in the Jura forests (39), between lakes and valleys.


A little culture

Rather rare in France, fir honey is most often harvested in restricted areas such as Jura, Alsace, Vosges, Auvergne which are the main producers of our country. In addition to this geographical restriction, there is also an irregular occurance of honeydew and with varying duration: sometimes for weeks, sometimes only for a few days. Depending on the year, the yield from harvesting the same beehives can therefore be either very abundant or non-existent making this honey an opportunity not to be missed for its growing number of lovers!


Composed mainly of fir and spruce, the Jurassic forests cover more than half of the department. In addition to sustainable forestry, which allows sustainable wood management, this abundance of wood is due to exceptional rainfall. The annual cumulative rainfall ranges from 1m to 1.5m making the Jura one of the most watered departments in France.

125g jar. (28€/Kg)

3,50 €

Reference : MISA125P

EAN : 3760001820201

Directions for use

It can be spread on a slice of rye or wholemeal bread, with or without butter (we love it with salted butter). It can be added to morning tea or simply with a yogurt. In the kitchen it can be used to soften your meals and salad dressings - it is all about taste and desire!


Made in France


To preserve all the flavors and qualities of honey it is recommended not to heat it above 37° C. If necessary make it a little more liquid by warming it up on a radiator or in a hot-water bath over a low heat. Store in a dry place away from light.

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