Organic Orange blossom Honey 125g

 Délicat essaim®

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"Melologie" of the Orange Honey


Sweet and syrupy flavour which develops a hint of floral vanilla with a very fine acidic final note.


A gold-coloured translucent liquid honey which creates very fine crystals.


Spain - Harvested in the expansive orchards under the sunny sky of Andalusia.


A little culture

The Orange tree which gives us the delicious fruit is native to Asia and more particularly China where it has been cultivating for more than 2 millennia. The botanical name of the sweet Orange tree, Citrus Sinensis, refers to its origin. It is only since the 16th century that the orange tree was introduced in Europe having been brought back to Spain by Vasco de Gama.  

Orange is one of the favourite fruit of French people who consume 11kg per household annually. This explains the French annual import of 500 000 tons of this juicy fruit. France produces only 5000 tons of Oranges every year, well behind the Spanish yearly production of over 3 million tonnes, making it the leading producer in Europe.


125 g jar. (28€/Kg)

3,50 €

Reference : MIOR125BIO

EAN : 3760001822533

Directions for use

It can be spread on a slice of rye or wholemeal bread, with or without butter (we love it with salted butter). It can be added to morning tea or simply with a yogurt. In the kitchen it can be used to soften your meals and salad dressings - it is all about taste and desire!


Agriculture Biologique
Bio Européen


To preserve all the flavors and qualities of honey it is recommended not to heat it above 37° C. If necessary make it a little more liquid by warming it up on a radiator or in a hot-water bath over a low heat. Store in a dry place away from light.

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