Acacia Honey 125g

 Délicat Essaim®

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"Mélologie" of Acacia Honey


This honey is sweet with delicate and fragrant floral flavors, with slightly buttery and warm notes.


Very liquid, it stays soft and smooth.


France - Harvested by the beekeeper Nicolas Douillet in the forests of Burgundy.


A little culture

Acacia, as we usually know it, uses a false name. This tree is in fact called Robinia pseudoacacia (or false Acacia), named after Jean Robin who imported it from Virginia in the 17th century.

This tree species is fairly localised in France (particularly in the Paris region), and little cultivated because it is considered to be invasive. The Robinia found easily its own place into our local ecosystems: its lower needs in resources makes it very capable of a development of the species in poluted or overexploited soils.

The gourmet touch: try to incorporate some acacia flowers to a light preparation for a delightful donut... and glaze it with some of your favourite honey of course!


125g jar. (24.75€/Kg)

3,00 €

Reference : MIAC125P

EAN : 3760001822588

Directions for use

It can be spread on a slice of rye or wholemeal bread, with or without butter (we love it with salted butter). It can be added to morning tea or simply with a yogurt. In the kitchen it can be used to soften your meals and salad dressings - it is all about taste and desire!


Made in France


To preserve all the flavors and qualities of honey it is recommended not to heat it above 37° C. If necessary make it a little more liquid by warming it up on a radiator or in a hot-water bath over a low heat. Store in a dry place away from light.

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