French Organic Royal Jelly

 Apis Sanctum®

The very best of Royal jelly

Amongst beehive products, Royal Jelly is a pure bee product. This substance is the rarest thing in the Hive, a precious and exclusive meal for the Queen bee... which is kind of a super-bee

Specialist of the beehive products since 1979, Propolia® offers you this Organic royal jelly, harvested in France by our beekeeping partners.


Its composition is a natural source for benefits:

  • Rich in vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 contributing to reduce tiredness
  • Rich in copper & vitamin B6 contributing to the normal function of the immune system
  • Rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B8 & copper contributing to the normal function of the nerves
  • Bringing 10-HDA & phosphore
  • Source of vitamin B9 & zinc

10g jar (2990€/kg)


Please take note: In order to kee pthe product cold during its transportation, all orders including this Royal jelly will be sent only on Modays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please be careful on your delivery notices and get your parcel as quick as possible. Propolia only ships this product to France and Belgium.

30,00 €

Reference : GR10BIO

EAN : 3760001820850

Directions for use

Each morning on an empty stomach, melt two rounded pods (1 g per day) of royal jelly under your tongue. Store between + 2 ° C and + 5 ° C.


Organic Royal jelly 100%.

Nutritional profile for 100g :

Energetic value (636,4 kJ / 151 kcal) ; Lipids 4,2 g (of whic saturated 1,38 g) ; Carbohydrates 13,7 g (of which sugars 13,2g) ; Proteins 13,9g ; Salts 0,013 g.
Vitamins : B8 0,107mg (214% of RI*) B5 10,5mg (175% of RI), B1 0,51mg (46% of RI), B2 0,96mg (69% of RI), B3 5,4mg (34% of RI), B6 0,47mg (34% of RI), B9 0,044mg (22% of RI), Copper 0,51mg (51% of RI), Phosphore 215mg (31% of RI), Zink 2,22mg (22% of RI)

*RI: Reference Intakes

Key ingredients

Gelée royale (100%) : A rare and noble beehive product, with many natural benefits. (learn more)


Agriculture Biologique
Bio Européen
Made in France


Not recommended for persons allergic to beehive products.

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