Evening Infusion

 Take it easy

La dolce vita

A unique blend!
Enjoy an evening infusion with Linden, Marshmallow and Orange for a sweet, light taste. It delivers our Propolis extract so that you can benefit from all of its natural assets in a simple drink.

Heat, steep and sweeten with your favourite honey: breathe in the curling steam and enjoy the pleasures of French Propolis chosen for its purity and combined with plants selected to ensure a relaxing end to your meal.

Net weight: 30g (20 x 1.5g freshness bags). (216.66€/Kg)


6,70 €

Reference : INFUSOB

EAN : 3760001820614

Directions for use

Infuse a bag for 8-10 minutes in a cup of very warm water to fully appreciate all its aromas and virtues. Sweeten with your favourite honey and drink as often as you like.


Plants (Marshmallow root*, Large-leaved Linden* flower, Sweet orange* bark and Rosemary* leaf) 93.5%, Propolis* extract 6.5%.

*Ingredients from Organic Farming


Key ingredients

Propolis (6.5%): The beehive's natural defence, acclaimed throughout history (learn more)

Linden: These fragrant flowers were popular with our grandmothers to make infusions  (learn more)

Marshmallow: Traditionally used to make a well-known sweet, marshmallow will also share its secrets in an infusion... (learn more)



Agriculture Biologique
Bio Européen
Made in France

Customers Reviews

C'est un produit original et très agréable à consommer.


Do not take if allergic to any beehive products. Keep in a dry and cool place.

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