After-meal Infusion

 When it rumbles

Herbal tea for noon and evening

Propolia® is there after a good meal!
For the very first time, enjoy the special taste of Propolis in an herbal tea lightly flavoured with fennel and green aniseed.

Heat, steep and sweeten with your favourite honey: breathe in the curling steam and enjoy the pleasures of Propolis chosen for its purity and combined with plants selected to ensure a relaxing end to your meal.


Net weight: 30g (20 x 1.5 g freshness bags) (230€/Kg)

7,00 €

Reference : INFUDIG

EAN : 3760001820348

Directions for use

Infuse a bag for 8-10 minutes in a cup of very warm water to fully appreciate all its aromas and virtues. Sweeten with your favourite honey and drink as often as you like.


Plants* (Fennel 38%, Green Anise 29.5%, Melissa leaf 13%, Verbena 13%), Propolis Extract* 6.5%.

*Ingredients from Organic farming


Key ingredients

Propolis (6.5%): The beehive's natural defence, acclaimed throughout history (learn more)

Green aniseed: A very light, well-known taste for this infusion (learn more)

Verbena-citronella: This plant is well-known to herbalists. It was often used as an infusion by our grandmothers (learn more)


Agriculture Biologique
Bio Européen
Made in France


Do not take if allergic to any beehive products. Keep in a dry and cool place.

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