Payment by card

For the security of your payment we use eTransaction. A payment solution by card set by our bank the Credit Agricole. Your card number or other confidential data are never communicated to us.

The transaction is encrypted and secured thanks to the SSL 3 protocol (Secure Socket Layer) on the Internet. This protocol has become an international standard and is used by the main browsers.


Payment by cheque 

You can also pay for your purchases by cheque. To do so, please print your printable purchase order at the end of the purchasing process, put it with your cheque addressed to “Apimab Laboratoires” and send them by post to the following address:

Apimab Laboratoire
Avenue du Lac
34800 Clermont l'Hérault

In case of payment by cheque, your order will only be processed and shipped as soon as the cheque has cleared.