Selection of active ingredients depending on the applications

We develop our products by focusing on ingredients that come from organic farming which are more respectful of the balance between nature and humans. We select vegetable ingredients known for their quality and application.

We pay particular attention to the choice of active ingredients in our products so that their quantity is recoverable enough to ensure an optimum efficiency.


Thorough quality approach

Before launching the products on the market they are tested (stability, skin, safety tests...), and information product files are created to offer quality products.

We respect and comply with the European and French regulations regarding cosmetics, medical devices, food and food supplements.

Our quality approach, integrated into a system of continuous improvement, ensures adherence to the regulations but also compliance with ISO standards such as ISO 22716, 22000 and HACCP, for example. This is to ensure safe products for the consumer with complete traceability up and downstream.

In accordance with the European Regulation on cosmetic products our products are not tested on animals.

Numerous quality checks are performed on each finished product batch: microbiological, physicochemical and organoleptic.

Our purchasing policy integrated to the Quality System aims to select suppliers of raw materials and packaging materials and evaluate them according to defined and strict criteria.