Organic propolis mother tincture: why and how to use it?

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"Mother tincture", this is a word you have probably encountered before, without knowing exactly what it is! A real concentrate of active ingredients, our mother tincture has just been voted best organic product 2020 in France. The opportunity for us to present you in detail all its benefits!

What is a mother tincture?

In phytotherapy, mother tincture is a hydroalcoholic solution obtained by macerating fresh plants in a mixture of water and alcohol. Regularly mixed and kept away from light, mother tincture progressively absorbs the active ingredients of the plant for 3 or 4 weeks. At the end of the maceration and decanting process, the preparation is filtered so that only the best is retained.

Mother tinctures can be used alone or in the form of an occasional treatment of 10 to 30 drops per day depending on needs, to contribute to the good general state of our body. They are also very often found as an ingredient in homeopathic products.

As with all phytotherapy products, each mother tincture possesses specific properties depending on the plant used, as well as contraindications to respect to enjoy all their benefits without risk!

Propolis mother tincture, an ultraconcentrated product

The propolis mother tincture is obtained from a similar production process as previously described. Propolia adapted this production process over 40 years ago to the characteristics of propolis, which is a rather complex plant resin to work with.

The propolis mother tincture is obtained by directly collecting propolis from the hives, then macerating it for several weeks or several months depending on the concentration of active ingredients sought. As an indication, the propolis mother tincture that we offer in our online store is concentrated at 21%.

In the hive, propolis contributes to reinforcing the natural defences of bees and the immunity of the hive. Its properties are provided thanks to almost 300 active ingredients naturally present in propolis.

Available in several forms, allowing internal or external use – syrup, chewable gums and food supplements – propolis is also offered in the form of an ultraconcentrated mother tincture.

Composition and properties

The composition and colour of propolis vary slightly depending on its botanical origin. In general, propolis is made up of 50 to 55% resins and balms, 30% beeswax and fatty acids, 5 to 10% essential oils, 5% pollen and 5% various substances such as flavonoids and phenolic derivatives which demonstrate the main activity of propolis.

It also contains minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc and manganese, as well as B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin E.

This richness in minerals and vitamins gives propolis antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties which are particularly useful for protecting the hive against external aggression.

The benefits of propolis mother tincture

Like other hive products such as royal jelly, propolis mother tincture has numerous properties.

An ultraconcentrated product, it contains a high concentration of natural antioxidants (flavonoids and phenolic acids) which help to fight against the formation of free radicals responsible for the appearance of oxidative stress. Taken as a treatment, propolis mother tincture contributes to naturally maintaining the body’s balance, particularly during “risky” periods such as winter or during the change of seasons.

While it is mainly used internally, the organic propolis mother tincture can also be applied locally on skin to soothe or cleanse a specific area thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal action.

Why choose an organic mother tincture?

Choosing an organic mother tincture guarantees the use of a pure product made with natural ingredients in accordance with Organic Agriculture standards.

In addition to good practices of organic agriculture, Propolia has implemented a set of specifications for selecting the best propolis based on its plant and geographic origin.

How to use the organic propolis mother tincture?

Particularly recommended for enjoying the benefits of propolis for the body, organic propolis tincture is used as an internal treatment with 1 to 4 pipettes per day as a food supplement. The solution can be diluted in a glass of water or mixed with sugar, your favourite tea, or honey to make taking it enjoyable!

Our advice: don’t wait for bacteria and viruses to take you by surprise in the autumn, and consider strengthening your natural defences a few weeks in advance.

The use of the propolis tincture is not recommended for people allergic to hive products, pregnant women or children under 3 years old.

Our organic propolis tincture chosen as best organic product of 2020!

During the selection of the best organic products of 2020, our propolis tincture was named best organic product with our tonic lotion and our new face wash mousse, guaranteeing its quality.

Available in classic or organic versions, our propolis tincture is also part of our organic winter kit, available as a limited edition, along with our oral spray and our organic propolis and honey gums. Consider them for gifts at the end of the year!

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