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Bien-être et Cosmétiques
à base de produits de la ruche

Propolia® has shared its knowledge of Beehive products with you for over 30 years. We are French Propolis processing specialists. Our goal has always been to provide you with the best possible natural products.

Our research team and our partners work every day to enhance the work done by bees by combining the benefits of plant and beehive products.

• products with naturally active ingredients •

We can't imagine our work any other way. Everyday well-being also includes beauty care which is why we offer a complete line of cosmetics with all of the Propolia® brand's guarantees. The possibilities provided by the beehive and nature are infinite and we are committed to bringing you all of their benefits, making no concessions.

• get personalised benefits with Propolia® •

We have set up a sponsorship and loyalty programme to ensure that you get a little more with each order and to encourage you to explore the full extent of our product line:

  • 5% discount on your first order with the BIENVENUE5 code
  • We reward your loyalty: €1 spent = 1 point
  • Sponsor your friends and family and get a 10% discount.

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Essential products
You'll become addicted!

Night Cream • Normal skins

Confidences nocturnes

26,90 €

Night Cream • Dry skins

Cocon du crépuscule

25,90 €

Day cream • Dry skins

Secrets de l'aube

25,90 €

Day cream • Normal skins

Prélude à l'aurore

22,90 €

Face Mask

Pureté Mystérieuse

16,90 €

Propolis Mother Tincture

Propolis Intense

14,50 €

Eye Contour Care

Esquisse du Regard

26,00 €

Lip balm

Say no to chapped lips

5,90 €

Revitalizing Serum

Prodige de l'Esthète

34,90 €

Energie Vitale®

I feel great!

14,00 €

Propolis Pastilles • Eucalyptus

The Beekeeper's sweets

5,40 €

Cream for dry feet

Happy feet

13,90 €
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